HTML5 Development

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The most recent evolution from HTML that is HTML5 which is the new enhanced version of the mark-up language has innovative attributes, elements and behaviors. As an organization that is dedicated to offering the best designs and content presentation for websites and portals, Tesla IT Solutions in UK we embrace every recent version of mark-up languages. In the pursuit to upgrade and thrive in the technologies we create solutions for our clients, we recognize that HTML5 is one technology to reckon with. Most of all, HTML5 Web Design and Development is the buzzing technology for diverse and multi-function websites.

HTML5 denotes to an extensive group of open web technologies, comprising of HTML, CSS, SVG, OFF, and others that provide for remarkably superior functionality. It offers ubiquitous user experience across web browser, smartphone, OS platforms, app performance, improved browsing, local storage of app/user data and richer functionality.

HTML5 Features for Web Development Services

Interactive Contact Us Forms

With HTML5, CSS3 styling, browser-based validation, Contact Us form has attained a new dimension with exciting features.

Semantic Tags

With the addition of tags such as "audio" and "video" we can embed music and video without the need for any plugins. And semantic tags such as "footer" and "nav" mean that search engines and browsers has the ability to comprehend your site more beneficial and other systems can more conveniently find precise information on a website.

Vector Graphics

HTML5 supports both Scalable Vector Graphics ( SVG ) and Canvas which implies graphics can be developed and manipulated programmatically, which indicates more effective image animation, cross device compatibility, graphic manipulation, games and much more.

Geolocation Application

HTML5 includes a set of APIs to proficiently enable the client-side device to retrieve geographic positioning information with JavaScript, which means that a website can display actual directions to clients or serve content based on location.

Offline Storage Capability

Assistance for session and local storage indicates the browser can store data from an app or shopping cart thereby making it possible to use applications even when offline. Whenever a user comes back online, the data can be synced with the server to retain the information.

Tesla IT Solutions UK is well versed with HTML5, a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that help Web Designers and Developers in creating excellent and striking websites as well as applications that are consistent across multiple browsers.

It is cross-platform in nature, and supports mobile app development for various browsers. HTML 5 comes with offline playing and local storage feature along with rich animations and videos as compared to other web development platforms. Hire our HTML 5 Developers and get creative web and apps at reasonable costs.